Damascus 8" chef and 7" cleaver set
Damascus 8" chef and 7" cleaver set
Damascus 8" chef and 7" cleaver set

Damascus 8" chef and 7" cleaver set

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The blades on our Damascus knives are the sharpest yet. Our 8" chef knife and 7" cleaver blades are made from 67 layers of Japanese VG10 steel. That is right, 67 layers of steel pounded together. Not only are they beautiful, it is one of the sharpest blades and stays sharp much longer. The handle is Cocobolo, a South American hardwood, a very rare wood. 

My name is John, and of course that’s were J comes from. My wife’s name is Brenda and that’s what the B stands for. I only use hardwoods, so that's were the Hardwoods comes from. 

Here at J. B. Hardwoods every item goes through the same meticulous process to achieve a finished product that will add beauty to any home. With proper care, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

I’m the craftsman behind J. B. Hardwoods, and for me the process starts with finding the best knife blade blanks, that are sharp and stay sharp. I then hand pick the right exotic wood for the handles that will hold up even in the dish washer. The Damascus blade blank has a steel rod extending from the end of the blade. I apply epoxy in the hole drilled through the handle and slide the rod into the hole in the handle. The end of the rod is threaded and has a nut that holds the handle tightly in place. A steel cap covers the end of the handle. Once the epoxy dries I shape the handle to the blade blank. The handle is sanded smooth,  and a wax sealant is applied.

NOTE: You are purchasing the actual knives pictured in each listing (unless otherwise noted).

All pieces will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap.

Inquire with me directly about custom orders! Anything you see can be made out of any type of wood you see in my projects and variations in sizes can and will be accommodated happily! Thank you.